The Love List

SuChin Pak includes our Mineral Peel Body at the top of her list of 12 things she considers absolutely essential on Jess Grave's ‘The Love List’. 

 Mineral Peel Body


"This is something I discovered over ten years ago, when I was running a wonderful outdoor market, The Hester Street Fair. You spray this on dry skin before your shower, let it sit for 10 seconds, and then as you wipe off your dead skin peels off like a scrub in a spa. It's so satisfying - and then of course your body feels like a baby's bum" - SuChin Pak

The culture & trends discovery newsletter, written about in Vogue and Town & Country among others, is owned and written by Jess Graves.

Jess says, “As a seasoned cultural consumer (and a piece of pop culture in her own right) I thought she (SuChin Pak) was the perfect person to launch our new series “My List”. ❤️😌

Congrats on your new series Jess and thank you for including us!! ❤️

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