The history of our product line dates back from many centuries ago. Silla, one of the three kingdoms that occupied the Korean Peninsula for much of the first millennium AD, developed a culture of bathing for purposes of ritual purification in bathhouses called Jjimilbang, meaning heated bath. Individuals (normally the wealthy elite) would take baths infused with mineral water, ginseng, iris, peach flowers or leaves, or fruits packed with skin nurturing minerals and antioxidants, all in order to make their skin clean and pure.

After an individual would soak themselves in these infused baths, an appointed person(s) would then have the responsibility of 'massaging out' all remaining dead skin cells and impurities from one's body.

In this process, the introduction of skin renewal was discovered, and this ritual, which continues to be highly popular, is done to this very day. With an international team of dermatologists, aestheticians, and skincare experts, O.R.G Skincare was able to replicate the exact essence of this bath culture, and make it available to those all over the world.




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